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Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry
808 NE Dekum – Portland

When I asked the barista what was in it (mainly with regard to nuts and dried fruit ‘n’ stuff), she told me: “milk chocolate chunks.”  So, first thing’s first: this is not a double dark chocolate cookie. While it does indeed double down on the chocolate, the cookie is misnamed.

Which is not to say that it is not exceptionally good –  (a double negative for a double chocolate cookie). Let me rephrase that: It is exceptionally good – and this coming from someone who almost never doesn’t choose dark chocolate. Again with the double negative. Let me rephrase that: I can take or leave milk chocolate, which means that except on very rare occasions, I leave it. Because…what’s the point? If I’m going to eat chocolate (and I AM going to eat chocolate), I want it dark. Double dark.

But back to the topic at hand (and having said what I just said), I REALLY like this cookie.

Here’s why:

• It is thick, like hand-formed burger thick.

• It is perfectly underdone in the middle. Like a fudgy brownie – not even slightly cakey. J’adore a fudgy, non-cakey brownie.

• The salt. You can see it right there in the photo. I’ve said it before and I probably won’t ever stop saying it: salt lets us taste and savor and LOVE that chocolate, that  butter, that sugar…and really, isn’t this the entire point of putting a double (not so) dark, buttery, sugary cookie burger in your mouth? A rhetorical question, I realize, but just to clarify: yes, that is the entire point.